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Singles Consultation Services 

Our Singles services are available to the individual looking to prepare for dating, relationships, and eventually marriage.  Being Single is a beautiful thing.  One of the most important aspects of being single is understanding that just because you are single does not mean you can't prepare for the day where you find someone special.  Becoming a husband and a wife does not begin when you find someone, but it begins before you find that special someone.  Let us help you become your best self in your season of singleness.


Dating & Relationships Consultation Services

Our dating & relationship services are available to the couples looking to strengthen their relationship, seek advice and guidance in their relationship, and in a healthy way transition to engagement and eventually marriage.  Every relationship has room to grow and we are here to assist you in your area of need.   Book a consultation today for more information.


Engagement & Marriage Consultation Services

Our engagement & marriage services are available to couples ready to take the journey to I do, as well as those who have already taken the journey to I do and just desire to continue to improve their marriage.  Marriage is a life journey with the one you love and like anything that is important to us we must keep the maintenance on it and keep it functioning in a healthy capacity so that it serves us well long term.


Isolated Needs Consultation Services

Our isolated needs services are geared towards specific situations, those immediate needs that you won’t necessarily need longterm assistance with, but want and need to work through right away.  Life happens to us all, and while single, dating, or married, things happen, situations arise, and it’s important not to let those things sit, linger, and grow into bigger issues.  The isolated needs service is perfect for those isolated situations that happen to us all at some point or another and when they do, please do not wait.  Let us work together to navigate through it right away.  


I Don't Understand! HELP! Consultation Services

COMMUNICATION IS EVERYTHING!!! All relationships need great communication, but yet relationships tend to frequently lack it. Sometimes what we are actually trying to say isn't being heard or received and sometimes we just don't know how to say it. Let us help you translate a difficult conversation, situation, or issue that you cant seem to communicate through with each other. 


Vegas Wedding Package

With this package 4Ever Love is offering to marry you in the city of Las Vegas with the intentions of doing and providing everything we are able to for your special wedding day.  Contact us today for more details and how we can start you on "The Journey 2 I Do"

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